About Cafe D’La Finquita

Campo Alto is a small nature reserve tucked into the mountains south of Guatemala City where Carol Garcia produces coffee on her farm known as Cafe de la Finquita. The fresh mountain air and natural biodiversity at la Finquita has created fresh soil that contributes to cultivating an excellent cup of coffee. Carol’s coffees are picked selectively based on optimum ripeness in order to create a magnificent aroma, body, and taste with balanced acidity and notes of citrus, honey, and caramel. For Carol, this farm is a paradise where she finds peace and serenity as she walks through her coffee plants and embraces the natural views that allows her to enjoy the majestic volcanoes visible from her land.

The farm also creates ample work opportunities for senior citizens, something that remains very important to Carol as she believes giving the elderly a sense of belonging and importance is paramount. A common theme among all the collaborators on her farm is the love and respect for nature and the land they work.

Carol is determined to continue working in coffee at la Finquita despite the current challenges facing coffee growers. Taking advantage of her farms’ environment, Carol plans to cultivate her coffee in micro-lots by the variety in the future, highlighting the specific characteristics of each coffee.

Beautiful view of Volcán de Agua from the farm.
Coffee in the mist
Coffee plants in the early morning mist.


About the Farm

SIZE: 17 manzanas (approximately 42 acres)
ALTITUDE: 1550-1620 masl
VARIETAL: Principal: Bourbon Others: Catuaí, Catimor, Typic
FLAVOR PROFILES: Caramel, Floral, Citrus, Honey
LOCATION: Villa Canales, Guatemala