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Introducing Our New Monthly Coffee Subscriptions! ☕

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Cafe D’La Finquita family: Monthly Coffee Subscriptions! 🌟

At Cafe D’La Finquita, we’re passionate about delivering the finest shade-grown Guatemalan coffee directly to your doorstep. Our small farm nestled in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands produces hand-picked beans of exceptional quality. Now, you can experience the richness and flavor of our premium roasted coffee conveniently through our new subscription service.

Why Choose Our Monthly Coffee Subscriptions?

  1. Variety of Roasts: Explore a diverse range of roasting styles. From the bold and robust dark roasts to the delicate and nuanced light roasts, we’ve curated an impressive selection for you.
  2. Customization: Tailor your subscription to suit your taste preferences. Whether you crave a specific roast profile, or a unique processing method, it’s all about your coffee journey.
  3. Easy Ordering: Our user-friendly platform makes ordering a breeze. Adjust your subscription, add specific coffees to your subscription —all with a few clicks.
  4. Freshness Assurance: We roast in small batches all-year-round to ensure your coffee is always freshly roasted ready to be brewed!

How It Works:

  1. Select Your Plan: Choose from our flexible subscription options. Receive 3 or 5 bags of 16 ounces each. Yes! Our bags are 1 lb. each!
  2. Explore: Select from our various roasts, and order whole grain or a special grind!
  3. Enjoy: Savor the aroma and taste of Cafe D’La Finquita coffee in the comfort of your home.

Ready to elevate your coffee experience? Shop now for Monthly Coffee Subscriptions!

Thank you for supporting small farmers who pour their hearts into every cup. Let’s raise our mugs to great coffee!

Warm regards,

Carol Sturgill
Founder, Cafe D’La Finquita

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Light Roast and Honey Processed Coffee

Drying Honey Processed Coffee

We are delighted to introduce two new products to our strong lineup of 100% Arabica options: Light Roast and Honey Processed Coffee.

Light roast coffee makes the quality of our coffees shine. With a light roast, there is no hiding behind a low-quality coffee! Honey Processed coffee exemplifies our quality, which uses a semi-dry process to bring out complex flavors.

Light Roast Coffee

Our new light roast bourbon coffee allows the quality of our coffee to shine through. The taste of a light roast is a crisp, bright cup of coffee. It offers a more acidity and a delicate body. All this makes for a pleasant cup of coffee to dazzle your taste buds.

With a very light roast, you can taste the care, processing, and status that our coffee commands. The roasting process caramelizes sugars, fats, and starches in the coffee beans. As a result, the coffee has a sharp, lively taste with a very light body. These coffee beans are a light brown color because of less time spent roasting. The lighter roast will also result in less oily coffee beans, meaning they will be less shiny.

With a light roast bourbon coffee, the origin of the beans will be most evident. As a result, you can taste the quality and passion of our growing, processing, and roasting. The smell will be fruity and best prepared in a pour-over or cold brew.

With a lightly roasted coffee, there is no hiding behind low quality!

Honey Processed Coffee

Honey processed coffee is our best offering, combining careful semi-dry processing with perfect roasting. It offers a well-rounded and delicately balanced note of citrus, chocolate, and a splash of pineapple and orange. In other words, an exotic coffee where the perfect roast expresses the exceptional characteristics within it.

Enjoy a great cup of coffee to start your day or relaxing with your favorite book. Above all, a unique coffee with a flavor profile balances sweetness, body, and acidity. It will captivate your taste buds!

We produce a limited amount of honey coffee every year. Our focus is on the complexity and care needed to create a great result!

Honey processed coffee is a semi-dry processing technique. It retains some of the natural sweetness and body of raw coffee beans with the acidity of a wet-processed coffee. As a result, it tends to have good clarity and medium-high acid with a heavier body and sweetness. A type of coffee to try!

About Cafe D’ La Finquita

Light Roast and Honey Processed coffee add to our comprehensive coffee line. We offer the highest quality Bourbon coffee, focusing on quality processing and expert roasting. As a result, this is the best cup of coffee you’ll have today.

Tucked in the mountains south of Guatemala City is a small nature reserve called Campo Alto. We produce coffee known as Cafe D’ La Finquita. The fresh mountain air and natural biodiversity at La Finquita have created rich soil that contributes to cultivating an excellent cup of coffee. We pick our coffees selectively based on optimum ripeness. As a result, this creates a magnificent aroma, body, and taste. Our coffees have balanced acidity and notes of citrus, honey, and caramel. This farm is a paradise where we find peace and serenity in the paths through the coffee plants. In addition, we embrace the views of the majestic volcanoes surrounding the farm.

At Cafe D’ La Finquita, you can shop for premium quality coffee delivered directly to your doorstep.

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Spring Sale! – Dark Roasted Coffee Pack

Dark Roasted Coffee Pack Sale!

We spent all winter thinking of the best coffee for perfect spring mornings – and we think we cracked it! This dark roast coffee pack of 3 bags of our select dark roasts to help you discover the different tastes of expertly roasted coffee.

Spring brings a super sale at Café D’La Finquita. Our delicately roasted darker coffee sampler will delight you with every cup.

The Dark Roasted Coffee Pack includes:

  1. Medium-dark roast takes the roasting a little bit further to get exceptional balance and depth.
  2. Dark roast will deliver a full body revealing deeper flavors with delicate acidity.
  3. French roast is a robust and strong cup of dark coffee, not burnt or bitter. Expect good full body of flavor with smokey tones.

2021 Harvest Update – Coffee picking and Volcanoes!

Harvest at Café D’La Finquita means carefully inspecting and selecting our shade grown arabica cherries at optimal ripeness to provide a fine cup of coffee for your enjoyment. Our coffee harvest season runs from mid-December through February, where our team of specialized coffee pickers carefully selects the ripest cherries to use in our coffees.

The passion that our staff at Cafe D’La Finquita pours into the harvest helps ensure only the highest quality beans get to your cup. Some of our coffee processes, such as Honey (coming soon!), require very delicate selection and handling of each coffee cherry. This results in coffee that is of the highest quality, with great aroma, taste and body.

This Spring we also had the surprise eruption of the Pacaya Volcano – visible from one of the farm’s slopes. Volcanoes are one of the sources of the rich soil available in Guatemala. This soil, combined with the perfect altitude for coffee, enable the production of the highest quality beans. Quite an impressive view!

Volcan de Fuego eruption at a distance.